The Designers Chic

Friday, September 17, 2010


Beauty is only skin deep but, it doesn't hurt to have great looking skin. Having great flawless and even skin tone is really a plus. A woman with great skin even wearing little make up will still stand out and look great. As teenager I was not plagued with acne, sure I had small break out here and there but nothing to really panic about. Ralph's niece just turned 18 this year and I am concern about her face. I can see that she has break out and a couple of acne's on her face. I have been telling her about some acne treatments that she can get. It's very important that she take care of the problem while its still at a minimum. Besides, taking care of oneself doesn't automatically make us vain. Investing on our skin and face will pay off in the future. I have encouraged her to really start doing treatments for it and also with her brother. Yes, pimples and breakout is part of growing up but that doesn't mean you can't get treatment for them. We are all prisoners of out skin and we might as well make the best out of it.



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