The Designers Chic

Thursday, May 31, 2012


On another note, I am extremely glad that the warm weather is here to stay! The weather has just been so nice and warm that I didn't need any jacket or sweater when walking my oldest daughter to the bus stop early in the morning. I love the burst of hot air, reminds me of my country where its almost 80 degrees and above all year long, lol. Enough about that.  I have also gotten my summer clothes out and that includes fashion accessories.
My 2 favorite set of accessories are my silver jewelry and my gold jewelry consisting of necklace, bracelet and rings.I also have other fashion accessories made from beads and what not. Wearing accessories is one way of sprucing up your outfit  without costing you an arm and a leg. So if your on a budget but still want to look fashionable and want to dress up your outfit, get a couple of inexpensive jewelry and make it work!



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