The Designers Chic

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


With time tick, tick ,ticking it was important for my husband to make sure that both our girls have life insurance as well as us. I really never thought about life insurance and the possibility of buying immediate annuities until Ralph discussed how important it was. When Ralph had his neck surgery he was very very worried. Afraid that in the even that something would happen to him he wants to make sure that we will be taken cared of. It used to rattle and scare me when Ralph and my MIL talk about life insurance. It was like they were talking about dying. That all changed when my youngest was born. I had to step up and really pay close attention and get involve in the discussion. For now, Ralph is happy with what we got but I'm sure he still has something up his sleeve. He will move heaven and earth to make sure things fall into place and he also wants to make sure he makes the right decision for our future.



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