The Designers Chic

Friday, February 12, 2010


Today was slow and relaxed day for me. Kayla had a sleep over at our neighbors house with her best friend Tracy. I can't say I slept in with the princess bruiser trying to wake me up every 10 minutes. BIL Angelo came by the house so Ralph could take him somewhere to try for a job. Ralph also had a few errands to run while he was out and took Kayla with them. When they all got back we usually gather around in the kitchen and had something to eat. We talked about the recent snow storms and how everybody is still digging themselves out. MIL got a chance to talk to her boys about getting a colon and body cleanse that would be helpful to her health. She really wants to get this done and wanted to find to find out more about it. Since she will be turning 67 this Feb 28 she only wants to make sure she is healthy and strong. Besides it always good to find out about your physical well being before you get sick and things get worse.



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