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Saturday, February 13, 2010


Lets talk about the things I miss and do not miss when I was pregnant. I missed the feeling of my stomach being heavy with my child. The constant movement of the baby that could either be pleasant and painful. The instant glow that mothers get when they are pregnant. Eating anything I could get my hands on without worrying about my stomach getting bigger as it already is, lol. I don't miss the constant throwing up and not being able to eat in the process. The nauseating feeling all the time and being car sick. Constipation that lead to a slight hemorrhoid which got me so worried. You see constipation is associated with pregnancy and when constipation arises your eventually going to get it or not. In my case I got it before and after I had the baby. While pregnant I didn't want to use any medication for fear of what it might do to my unborn child. It was after I had the baby that I got an over the counter medication. Had I know that an all natural hemorrhoid treatments was available I would have had relief while pregnant. At least now when I do get pregnant the second time around I know that their is a medication that is safe for me to use.

Back to reminiscing the good parts of my pregnant days. I was just different while I was pregnat. Believe it or not I felt sexy and more of a woman. People are more accommodating to pregnant women and they get a kick out of touching your belly. I loved dressing up and to emphasize my bump. I don't know If I'll ever have another baby but hopefully it will happen.



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