The Designers Chic

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Worrying about pimples and acne is the one thing that my cousin is plagued with until now. Before hitting puberty he had such clear smooth skin but that all changed. Puberty was just cruel to him, specially on his face. Even now at almost 30 he still has a lot of acne and pimples ruining the skin on his face. He had tried a lot things to treat acne with soap, astringents, creams, pill but nothing seem to work. I guess he really has to go to a Dermatologist to find out what treatment is safe and compatible for his skin. I know my cousin is a happy go lucky guy but I know deep inside he is embarrass about the way his skin looks. Also with his line of work as a call center agents, stress, and lack of sleep only aggravates his skin situation. I hope he finally finds the right treatment to finally get rid of his acne and pimples.



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