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Saturday, February 13, 2010


Hey, hey, hey, is everybody ready for the coming Summer? I got off the phone talking to my friend and realized that even though its still a few more months before Summer its about time I start thinking about loosing the belly fat. Yup, I have such a big problem around my stomach area. After having a child, I never seemed to have gotten my figure back and that tight stomach. Not that I had a washboard stomach to start with but I was bikini acceptable. She mentioned about doing a lot of things including taking some top fat burners, working out and of course dancing. When she mentioned dancing that gave me and idea, I used to love dancing. In high school we even won a dancing competition grabbing the grand prize from the seniors. Dancing does help you burn fat while making it much more enjoyable and fun. I should start dancing around the house while doing housework but the question is, should I wear heels while dancing or not? Care to help me out with this dilemma?


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