The Designers Chic

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Winter is the time where parents are on high alert when it comes to cold, fever, cough and so many more. I not only dread the winter but I worry if my kids are going to get sick. My youngest is only 26 months old and when she gets sick I worry so much. The first time she got a bad cold was when she was less than 3 months old. She was so stuffed up and had such a hard time breathing. Our Pediatrician encouraged us to get a cold mist humidifier to help with her breathing. Not only did we buy one but Ralph got two, one for each kids room. The only problem I have with the humidifier is changing the filters constantly. Speaking of filters, we have to look into putting an air filter in our house. It's important that our kids breath clean air specially inside the house. That is on our to do list to improve the living condition in our home. Having a good air filter helps with the allergens in the air. Now where was I? Back to the humidifier, I go to tell Ralph to buy a filter when he goes out to buy the salt tomorrow. There is going to be snowstorm starting tomorrow so preparations are in order.



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