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Wednesday, December 2, 2009


My apologies for not greeting everybody a Happy Thanksgiving.. As the saying goes " better late than never", so here are some pictures of our Thanksgiving.

This year's Thanksgiving was hosted by my BIL Larry. We left bright and early at the house and headed to New Jersey. My BIL did almost all of the cooking and I was really impress. The turkey came out so tender and juicy, Larry even made some pork pot roast for me in case I didn't like the turkey. He even made sure he had rice for me to cook when we get there. It was just Larry and his two boys since his only daughter Kristen had to work on Thanksgiving day. Thankfully my kids behaved and it went without a hitch! I didn't get to take much picture though since we were all hungry and I was busy getting the kids on the table and preparing their food. All in all it was a great Thanksgiving and it filled us up right to the neck...

Our girls with Uncle Larry's dog.Kaitlyn with Cosmo and Kayla with Taylor

As you can see everybody is already relaxed because they were already full to the brim.

A shot at MIL who looks on proudly at her son's.

Time to sit down and relax


kat said...

waaa...hastang busuga sa mga hitsura..dungog gud nako ang burp..hehe.

ka nice pod sa imo BIL oi kay nag prepare man jud ug rice and pork sa imo in case kung di ka muangay sa turkey.

anyway, TY sa visit...nah wa man koy time tan-aw anang mga movies oi kay na addict lagi ko aning blogging hehehe. inig lingkod nako diri in front sa pc, di na maibot ako lubot..nyahaha.


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