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Saturday, November 28, 2009


For all those people who hosted this year's Thanksgiving dinner at there house deserves a pat on the back. Hosting a Holiday event is not an easy thing to do well unless your Martha Stuart. For my MIL and I, we always give out a big sigh of relief after every party, or gathering here at our house. We always say to each other " we deserve a long vacation" and with all the hard work and preparation we put into hosting a party, dinner or family gathering we absolutely deserve it. We would just end up sleeping in the next day to recover,lol. In maybe a couple or year or more, my family and I will be planning for the big vacation that we have talked about for so long. With a friend that just had a great orlando vacations this past summer its a no brainer for us to go. Hopefully the kids will be a little bit more behaves and matured by the time we go.


SmartShopIt said...

I think even Martha Stuart stresses on this holiday. It's been denoted as the most stressful dining holiday we have. Partially because of everyone wants to throw a Martha Stuart like dinner.

As we get older, I think we learn to relax more and enjoy the process and not so much the results. Having family and friends and enjoying the company more than worrying whether the napkin rings match the china. :0)


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