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Thursday, December 10, 2009


Our baby boy Sunny with his E collar on. He got neutered last Monday, November 30th. He stayed at the ASPCA overnight and Ralph picked him up the next day. I felt so bad for our little goof ball.

Neutering is the removal of the reproductive organ of male animals and is commonly referred to as the de-sexing of male animals removing the testicles. Its advised to have dogs fixed before they turn 6months.

Hopefully he will calm down a lot so we can take him outside for a walk. I tried bringing him to the bus stop one time and it was a huge mistake. A mistake that I almost paid with a dislocated shoulder or arm. Sunny's E collar was so worn by the time we finally took it off. He bumped into anything and everything. Kaitlyn got the worse of it coz she constantly gets knocked down by Sunny for the reason that he could not see. The E collar was suppose to be on for 2 weeks but we have had enough of being bruised and injured by it that we cave in and took it off. Of course we also made sure that his incision was all healed. Sunny is cone free and he is doing just fine...


☆Mama Ko☆ said...

Aguy si Sunny no future sunshine man d i kay wazzz naman itlog. Kasayang sa mga liwat. Kalooy sd sa bruiser sge mn d i ka dasmagan aning Sunny, naunsa mn sd ni iyang E collar lods nga arang mn dakoa.


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