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Friday, December 11, 2009


mommy moments

My first time to join Mommy Moments every Friday. Since this is my first time I included the first time I held my first born in my arms. Well it was actually the second time coz the first time I held her she was all bloody, this was taken after she was cleaned up a little bit. I could not stop crying, I felt so much joy and love at the same time. I could not understand how I felt instant love to this little human being in my arms. That was an awesome experience and one that I would like to happen again, I want another baby.

My first born Kaitlyn in my arms.
With my two girls helping me blow birthday cake.

With our eldest Kayla at Sesame Place this past Summer.

With my lil bruiser Kaitlyn

The joy and pain of raising a child is part of motherhood. A job that is both fulfilling and scary at the same time. Fulfilling when you see how your children develop and change right before your eyes, Scared for what their future might bring them. As a parent you only want what is best of your kids. I never did understand that until I became a mom. My kids are the air that I breathe, they bring spring to my step, smile on my lips, sparkle in my eyes but most of all they bring joy and happiness in my heart... For more of Mommy Moments click on the badge and read some of the greatest stories from mothers all over the world..


☆Mama Ko☆ said...

Glad to see all your lovely pics lods. When I had Jake I was shaking and shivering, as in mix emotion.

Ka sexy sa mama oi, maayo paka ky maintain mn ang ka sexy. I like that last pic of kaitlyn, I can tell that she is more appreciative girl, mura wow jd na ang shape sa iyang simud.

In behalf of all the mommy, welcome to mommy moments. thanks for sharing. it is indeed fulfilling job being a mom.

Chubskulit Rose said...

Kaitlyn is a cutie!

life's journey said...

It is really a great thing happen for us mothers...Happy mommy moments.

Lulu said...

yes our kids are a joy to our heart... grabe jud buhaton nato tanan para sa atong mga tsikiting

Dhemz said...

agree ko kay mami Shy...indeed...super sexy kaau ang mader earth woi...ehhehe!

in behalf of MM, I would also like to welcome you mami Lodz.....:)

thanks for sharing the photos....those are great treasures to keep....:)

salamat tawon sa dalaw ug sa comments...korek, naa pa next time to take a pic with santa...mahal si santa kay naay price!

mine was posted on my other blog.

kat said...

wow nice pics...agree ko kay Shy..ka sexy sa mommy Lodz oi...i like the 1st pic kasi i can relate that..hehehe..can't understand the feeling, happy and scarry jud...hehehe

Anyway, sus maayo gani kay wa nako masulat the last time i visited here ang Mel kay di man diay nimo type tawagon ug Mel...hahaha

imo babies ba kay cute

Hitesh Rawat said...

i really like the first one...and would really like to feel like this some day

Chris said...

glad to have you join us :) great post :) hope to see you every Friday :)

Cecile said...

very nice pictures...your daughter is very cute!

thanks for sharing these nice and sexy pictures...and welcome to MM :-)!


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