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Monday, January 5, 2009


Are you one of those people who always make it a point of sending out holiday cards, greeting cards, anniversary cards to your friends and family? Sadly I'm very bad when it comes to sending out letter or cards. I'm on the receiving end of it and i always feel bad about not reciprocating or sending out greeting cards or invitations. The Holiday that just passed i got a few cards from my friends but all i do is call them to thank them. I have promised myself that i would do more next Holiday season or any chance that i could get. Still its not over and i could still give Cardfish Phone call to a special someone i know, my friend Rhea. For sure she would love a good prank call even though its not April Fools yet. With the Cardfish Phone call i can pick any card and i also get to insert any words that would make my card a one of a kind. This is a great way of surprising or getting someone punked. A more interesting way of getting attention and just being creative. If you want to try out the service for free a discount code "FREE" is available online. Check out this offer while its still available and let your family and friends experience a one of a kind Card.


Anonymous said...

that sounds fun! i'm curious about it, momi lods. i will give it a try.


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