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Thursday, January 22, 2009


Health is an integral part of the way we live our lives. Healthy living is one of the things that we should practice and try to achieve. Trying to be healthy and staying healthy can be hard at times but it can be done. With to days economy in turmoil we cant afford to get sick, we need to be healthy not only for the sake of our children and family but for our own. This are just few of the factors that i think has a big impact on health : food, environment,work,family,money,habits and many more. But did you know that the weather could also affect your health? I just found out that weather can be a big indicator of we will be affected. My mother-in-law can know find out about Arthritis triggers and when a certain flare up will occur. Now she has the time to stop and prevent future flare ups by just checking the weather at MediClim , it is a warning system that takes into account many factors such as the temperature,humidity and the barometric pressure that can affect once health. If you want to know you how you can prevent future flare up such as arthritis, asthma, heart disease or migraine just sign up. Once your signed up you can subscribe to receive e-mails that will alert you to weather conditions that may affect your health.


Davida said...

I like your new blog design--very cheerful.

This is an excellent tool for people who have health conditions that are aggravated by certain weather conditions.



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