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Thursday, January 22, 2009


Tomorrow will be my grandfather's 78th birthday. My mom and sister are still in my hometown since my grandmother's sister was buried just Monday and they decided to wait for my grandfather's birthday before going back home to Cebu. They will be having the famous roasting pig (inasal) for the birthday celebration tomorrow. How i wish i was there to celebrate with my grandfather. My maternal grandparents are so dear and close to my heart. They were the ones who were really there for us when times were tough. The strong hand when we needed discipline, the comforting arms when we needed it and always provided words of wisdom. They may not be rich in material possession like my paternal grandparents but they are more than rich in love, compassion and family. My grandfather is a strong man, he is not afraid to cry, to reach out for help, he is independent, loving and patient. He works his tail off on his lands and i am witness to that. To my grandfather i love you so much and you are my hero.


Dean and Lee Schroeder said...

wow! what a nice message to your Grandpa... I grew up with my grandparents (father side) until I was 3 years old.


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