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Friday, January 23, 2009


Kaitlyn turned 15 months yesterday and boy is she a handful. She gets into everything and its just drives me nuts. As she is growing she is becoming more adventurous, funny, temperamental and without fear. Yesterday Kayla was in the dinning room playing with her laptop while i was in the kitchen preparing dinner. Suddenly i hear Kayla saying that the baby is on the table, I just thought that she was under or by the table but when i got there she was on top of the table sitting facing her sister. I asked Kayla who put baby sister there and said nobody.I asked again who put baby sister on the chair so she could have climbed up the table and again Kayla replied nobody. Kaitlyn climbed on the chair and onto the table all by herself without any help. Now that her legs a bit longer she has been into climbing now and ill have to keep a close eye on her.


anne said...

hehehe mura man sad diay ni si faith siwat kau lol

Davida said...

Another busy 15 month old. Ha!

Happy belated to Kaitlyn.

My daughter turned 15 months today.

BTW, I have your link on my page, but I'm going to grab your widget button too.


Anonymous said...

hahaha malingaw mn jd ko maminaw gipangbuhat kaitlyn woi, she really is a handful, grabe ka talented imu anak day. gifted with such power bogoy pa mn sa akong jake. nalingaw ko as in.

Mayet said...

I feel the same way, I have a 14 month old baby girl. we should really keep an eye on these mischievous gals ;)

Merydith said...

Nah mao jud na nga tanan namong dining chairs wala na tua sa utility room kay di pwede ni Kiko. Pila lang ka seconds tua na sa table unya sa edge ra ba jud maglinkod. Kita lang intawon ang atakihon sa kakuyaw.


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