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Friday, January 23, 2009


Are you expecting and worrying about what to wear when your belly starts to grow? Nowadays with fashion its not difficult to find something that a pregnant or expecting mom can wear. When i was pregnant i didn't have trouble finding clothes as there are so many selections out there. I however would have loved a Baby ParTees Maternity Shirts that i could have worn while out and about. They have high quality shirt materials that just hugs the ever growing belly. They even have Maternity shirts design with crystals to announce the gender of your baby. That would have been a good use to me when i was about 8 months and people kept asking me what I'm having. With the Maternity shirt from BabayParTees you don't have to say anything, they be able to read it loud and clear with intricate beading design. The Maternity shirts are also a neat way of telling family or friends that your expecting. Do you know someone that is getting married? This is an excellent gift idea for the bride to be. They also have shirts for brides or brides to be down to your entourage. Wearing a shirt that beautiful will certainly make a statement for a new bride now, wouldn't that be great? You don't have to say a word since the shirt will say it all for you in style!


Davida said...

I wish I'd known about this when I was pregnant. Probably wouldn't have mattered though since I felt like hideous mess in whatever I put on. Anywho...I may give this shirt a shot next go round.


Anonymous said...

Since im prego now i probably gonna need one of those whenever my tummy gets bigger. I had one of that shirt in my first pregnancy but still i need more maternity clothes.


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