The Designers Chic

Monday, January 26, 2009


Dressing up was one of my weakness when i was still single. There is just this feeling of energy and confidence when i dress up and know that i look good.There are only a handful of things that women are fickle about that's jewelries, clothes, bags, make-ups and shoes. In my mom's younger days she use to dress up in style and had matching outfits from her bags, dress and down to her shoes. She must have owned over 50 shoes ranging from different color and designs. Shoes is one of the important accessories that can make or break an outfit your wearing. A great pair of dani black shoes can get you a long way and you can pair it with just about anything. The important thing about buying a shoe is not just the design and how it looks but take into consideration the quality of the shoes and how it feels under your feet. I must admit that i have not really bought a good pair of fashionable shoes in a while but seeing the daniblack collection makes me want to get a good pair of evening shoes. Like this one:

  • with soft sating flower detail
  • padded insoles
  • adjustable gold dress buckle
  • a 3 3/4 " covered heels
As a mother of two girls ages 5 and 15 months i have to be on my feet most of the time and with summer not far away getting the right kind of flat shoes is important. Wearing flats has never been my thing but seeing the Bess shoe just made me think about getting it. The shoe not only looks fashionable but looks sturdy enough for wear while running around with kids. Daniblack has fashionable, chic and durability rolled into one with a plus factor of affordability.



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