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Monday, January 26, 2009


Yahoo we might going sledding tomorrow. Ralph was so excited when he found out that we may be getting about 1-3" of snow. Its suppose to snow tonight as well as tomorrow. He said that if it does snow tonight and we get enough snow we will be out first thing in the morning to take the girls out sledding. I had to make sure that Kayla and Kaitlyn both had snow pants for the outing tomorrow. Ralph then looked at me and asked if i was for a fun snow play. To be honest, i don't know if ill stay out long with them and play in the snow. I'm very excited for Kaitlyn though since this will be her first time ever to have fun in the snow with her daddy and big sister. I wonder how she will react to the feel of the snow on her handS and face and how long she will stay out in the cold,lol....


mommy Orkid Belle said...

hello mommy Lods..sounds like fun to me though! weeeeeee... we were also excited coz Tim will get to spend more time with us kay today and tomorrow wala klase kay icy man gud.. and we might also go for a sled ride.. gotta love it! hehehehe... :)


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