The Designers Chic

Monday, November 9, 2009


Winter is the season where most of us are cooped inside the house, we get to eat our most loved comfort food. I am no exception to that, my comfort food includes anything that is sinfully gooey, chocolate, sweet and fat inducing.. Every Winter I gain weight and my excuse would be I need all the energy from the chocolate bars and junk that I eat. I am also hibernating and need a lot of fats!Whoa hibernating? I'm not an animal, I should not be doing that but that is one of my many pathetic excuse. I want to try this season to cut off my excuses dead on its track and start loosing some much needed weight. A friend of mine has been religiously on her diet and she is slowly but steadily reaching her goal weight. Dieting doesn't seem to be working for me anymore, I probably need something like a fat burner to help get rid of my stored fats from last Winter season. Gosh, I really hope I get the will power and determination that she has. I know I am getting heavy, I see that every time I look in the mirror and put on my jeans. But why can't I convince myself to be strong?



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