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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


My first time to join in this meme, so I'm going to make this good,lol.....

Rodliz’s Nest

The first year of being married,hhhhmmmmmm?? I admit it was not easy but it wasn't hard. I had to get use to a lot of things from the country, environment, food, people, language, everything. You could say I was in marital shock. We got married on a snowy, cold and freezing Valentines Day. I not only married my husband but also his little girl. We got married and a few days after found out we were expecting the newest addition. It was another thing being married and pregnant. Our marriage is not perfect but who has a perfect marriage? We have our own faults but one thing I can say is we have never had a full blown fight. Yes we do have misunderstanding but things always get resolved by the end of the day. The one thing I love about my husband is he does not hold grudges,lol. I sometimes get so mad at him even more because he won't hold a grudge and he forgives and forgets. He adores our little girls and dotes on them. A good and loving father and I hope he would just drive me more often to places I want to go and just go shopping with me and keep quiet. I guess thats wishful thinking on my part wanting my man to be patient while shopping,lol.....

In a few more months we will be approaching our 3rd year of blissful marriage. Hopefully and with God's grace we will be together forever..

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Mommy Liz said...

Wahhh, he drives you to go shopping and he just lets you shop and waits for you??? That is one heck of a hubby you got there..Hehehe..

Well, who says that there is a perfect marriage, I don't think so, no such thing as perfect..A great marriage is possible if we work hard to attain it.

Once we learn to accept our partners for who and what they are, then we can be happy. It doesn't matter what race, or what language, as long as you know if both your hearts that you LOVE and adore each other, Marriage will work. It's a two way street two, not just one..

Thanks for joining us this week. Hope to see you again next week.

Mom of four a.k.a. RodLiz of Rodliz Nest

Kim, USA said...

Welcome to CC. Yup nobody has a perfect marriage but we have to work it out to become perfect huh!! That entails a lottttttttt of work to do hehehehehe!! Your family looks so happy. Happy weekdays ahead!

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Unknown said...

Awww excited to read your entry and know more about your lovestory as a couple.

You are one lucky gal to have meet one nice guy like ralph who is very understanding and don't know how to hold grudges. hahaha ikaw pa jd intawn masuko kung dili siya masuko, mao nani hehehe.

Dili preha sa amo nga kung makadatu pa ang away, sus milyonaryo nmi lods lol. Mao sd na ako wish bitaw ipashopping ko ug usa ka adlaw without lokking at his face pouting lol.

Kero said...

first, a Happy Anniversary to you sweet couple.

second, congratulations for finding a great man, a devoted husband, and a kind, gentle father.

you are lucky to have found him. May God's grace continue to shine on your marriage.

my entry is here

anne said...

ning apil na sad diay ka ani lots, hehehe first time nako kadungog sa imong story bah kay dili na man gud ka kaayo active sa multiply kadtong active pa sad ko hehehe, girl mine is up please take a peek, its in mary anne's musings.

Cecile said...

such a lucky woman with a very patient husband :-).

AC said...

Marrying a man and a kid must be somewhat difficult, but seeing you all together, I know you did a great job. And with your loving and sweet hubby, I know nothing was difficult at all. Have a nice day po! See you again next week!

eds said...

haha natawa ako sa comment ni ate liza.. hehe kasi nga nman mainipin ang mga lalaki di ba.. pero ayos na ayos ang habibi mo sis.. bakit nga ba mas mahaba ang pacensia nila kesa sa atin? and the more na they forgive and forget the more nman tayong naiinis? ano ba yan .. hehehe

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