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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Among the many highlights of my week is watching my favorite shows. One of them is Dancing with the Stars. I have watched it since the beginning and I could tell by then that the show got me hook, line and sinker. Anyho, yesterday was an amazing show. Each remaining couple had to do 3 dances and by far Mya and Dmitry stood out. After they did the dance it was safe to say they were a shoo-in for the final round and they deserve to be there.

Tonight, watching the semi-final elimination was nerve wracking. As soon and Mya and Dmitry was safe I let out a big sigh of relief ( mura sad ko ug apil sa). One down and 2 more to go. The second to be in the finals were Donny and Kym. The last one was still a surprise for me. Who got eliminated ?Joanna and Derek, what the heck?!@#$. They deserve to be in the Finals, she did a great performance yesterday night. I guess I under estimated the fans of Kelly Osbourne. Let me just say that its good to see Kelly get her life back together but she should have not been in the final round. But in fairness to Kelly her performance was great but not as brilliant as Joanna's. It was actually a toss up between Donny and Kelly for me.

Next Monday, the kiddos are going to be tucked in and sleeping before 8 p.m. I can't wait to see another incredible performance from Mya and Dmitry. By now you can tell that I am rooting for them.... What can I say, Mya is a great performer and Dmitry that gorgeous hunk of a burning love is an excellent teacher. And like Glenn Good man said to Mya " tooty fruity what a booty"



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