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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Going to the Chiropractor was really a smart move on my part. I had been having lower back pain on my right side for a long time and it seemed to be getting worse and worse. Stabbing and lower leg pain on my right side was what got me to say I need a Chiropractor. Or course I had to see our primary physician first and she actually recommended that I see one. I was hesitant at first as I didn't know what to expect but there was nothing to worry about. I had been going to my Chiropractor for 12 session and yesterday was my last, so I thought. I was re-examined and I did improve a whole lot. I was advice though to come for another 6 session to really work out the kinks in my body. Thank God we have an excellent insurance Blue Cross Blue Shield or else I would never have been able to afford it. For those living in North Carolina they should really check out Blue Cross Blue Shield NC. It really an excellent insurance if I say so myself. So far, we have been more than satisfied with the coverage and service.


Unknown said...

Hubby too had been seeing a chiro for more than a year. He just stop recently because his back is feeling okay.


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