The Designers Chic

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Another Holiday is fast coming up, Thanksgiving. I have come to look forward to this every year since I got here. Its usually another excuse for all the clan to come together, celebrate with laughter and pig out on the many foods laid out. This year I can breathe easy since we will not be hosting it, Its Larry's turn this year. The other thing that I look forward to is the much anticipated Black Friday. The one time in a year where you get rock bottom prices and great buys. Hopefully I can be witness to this big event. Hubby has told me he will drop me off the mall but on a condition I go in the day not early in the morning, besides I would not last 10 minutes out in the cold waiting for the stores to open. I'm hoping to get great deals on apparels, lotions and some other stuff. Workers in the mall better make sure that there barcode scanner is working properly. I have roughly 1 more week to earn some money for my planned black friday shopping, cross my fingers and toes,lol.



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