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Friday, August 22, 2008


Yesterday i went to the doctors to have a check up on the small growth on my right outer leg. The growth has been growing and it started to hurt a little bit and bothering me. I have had this growth on my leg for about 4 yrs now and it was just ok.when i got here in the US it would fall off and the round growth would get flat but then it would grow back again. I decide to have it checked coz it looked disgusting on my leg and i wanted it gone. I thought it was just going to be a routine check up and i would be sent to a dermatologist so they could check it more thouroughly but no,our family doctor was very curious about the growth coz it didnt look like a wart nor a regular could i tell her its called a (congo) in my country?i dont even know the english term for it,lol.....she poked and pushed and poked on it again. and then told me and my husband that it has to come off since it will only keep coming back. She explained that the growth will have to be taken out right from the core so it wont come back again.
Ralph asked if she could do it in the clinic and take it out and the doctor sure said yes she can!!..I was horrified,scared and nervous. I was told that there would ba a scar and that it wont hurt when they take it out.and of course they will send the growth to a lab for biopsy.
I was sent to another room and prepped for the removal of the so called growth. I was such a baby and i held my husbands hand and whinned so much...i almost cried when they injected my leg with numbing medication..It really hurt a lot!!! i also had 4 stitches after it was taken out..I am glad it was over but anxious to know if the growth will come back and the result of the biopsy.
As soon as i got home i told everybody in the house who would listen about how it hurt and how many stitches i got and how i was bleeding,lol. I am hurting now and its throbbing a lot. I wanted to take a picture but i forgot my camera..
I anxiously await the result of my BIOPSY.


Anonymous said...

hello lods!
i was just wondering, congo is different from wart diay? abi nako they are the same thing.
TS got warts on his soles for years and it was only when the wife took care of him that it disappeared. I have to religiously give him a foot scrub with matching scraping pa jud and apply Compound W afterwards.
Now, it was totally gone. It has never came back ever since.

So, dili diay na wart imo? Sige lang, at least it's gone now and I'll pray that it won't come back again. Hala no? stitches jud? How big was it diay?

LODS said...

hi jacy,the doctor did say it looked like a wart but different.she couldnt really tell coz wla pa daw siya kita ug ingon my case jacy like i said it would fall off and get flat and then it would grow back again.but this time it got bigger and it got so dry,i think i was ready to fall off for the winter,heheheheeh..but saon ralph insisted to have it taken out and looked at...they took out quiet a bit kay they had to take out the core aron dli daw mo balik ug tubo..daku daku pud baya and kadtong ako growth nga maka notice gyud ka.

im just thankful that its gone i have to wait for 2 weeks to hear about the biopsy result..

Unknown said...

im sure the biopsy results will just say its ok. if congo man gani na cya, dili man cguro na kuyaw diba pero lahi man diri gud kay bisan gamay ra kaau, i padoctor jud dayon, hehe

Anonymous said...

the same with Ate Jenn, i think the result will just be fine.

Anonymous said...

what happened afterwards?

was it cancerous or no?

Take Care,


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