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Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Having 5 yr old around and a 9 month old is pretty interesting and nothing is ever boring..There is something happening or new all the time. My step daughter is at this phase where she constantly asks questions ,making up the weirdest stories and saying the funniest things..

These are her common expression :

ONE TIME = It's like the american pie the movie..When she starts going off into her world and starts spinning her own story she begins her story with this.

I KNOW = everytime you remind her of something or tell her to do this would be her usual reply. and whats funny is even if she doesnt know she will still say this.

WHAT YOU SAY = When she wants you to repeat what you wee saying to her.

IM SICK OR MY BONE IS BROKEN = When she doesnt want to eat and gives you this excuse but when you tell her ok if you dont eat you wont get anything. She then recants whatever she was saying and starts to eat.

Those are just the few words that comes out of a 5 yr olds mouth..

I specially love the way she tries and talk like a big girl and repeat what you say. She tries to say some words but they are never the same...Its pretty hilarious!Now that her baby sister is starting to do stuff she immitates her and tries to teach her to be a big girl like her. Her little sister follows her MANANG ( BIG SISTER) like a puppy dog.

I cant wait for my two girsl to really start communicating and talking. I would love to be a fly on the wall when they talk without any adults around.. Its going to be very interesting what kind of stories they come up with. With a childs mind,nothing is off limits,imagination is boundless and never ending,stories are ever changing,tempers are always tested and love and forgiveness is ever abundant.

Raising a child is hard work but you get a smile everytime they give you hugs and kisses. Its all worth while..


Anonymous said...

kids like Kayla's age always attempt to push their luck. ka-imagine lang ko nimo dealing with her. ka-cute jud oi.

when you started talking about Kayla and Kaitlyn having conversation together, it reminds me of me and Manang Rorie. we would always talk about a lot of things especially with our crushes and we'd giggle in between.

can i be a fly like you?

Anonymous said...

haay ka nice sa experience sa mama oi. btw lods, ur chatbox doesnt seem to work.i tried to leave a message but it wont let me. it says its locked. u might wanna double check on the codes.


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