The Designers Chic

Sunday, August 17, 2008



As elusive as you are
my body and mind needs you
i long to feel your misty fog
to cloud my brain
and bring me to your relaxing realm

The mirror knows no lie but truth
i look into but i see no gem
a Zombie like persno stares back instead
its take a split second to realize
it is me im looking

haggard looking face with bloodshot eyes
hooded by exhaustion of today
skin pale as a ghost

If i blink to much ill sleep where im at
be it standing or sitting ,awake i am not
the night use to be my recharching source of life
it has become my enemy coz of light.

i must catch you for sandman has taken you
He has missed my house and left no dust
to cover my eyes to sleep at night
slumber here i come, i must befriend the light
to keep up with life.

In summers time where school is not
i welcome you night in a lovers arm
like a phoenix from ash i will arise
and be the night owl i was once.



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