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Monday, August 11, 2008


I have forgotten how much fun,i had with so many simple things in life. The sheer joy i get from the daring adventure and trouble we got ourselves into. Brings back so many memories painful,happy,sad and all the likes a child feels. If i could only close my eyes and go back when i was between teh ages of 5-10. Everything was alright in my eyes,i didnt know what life was really about. All i cared about was playing,eating and being with my mum and my sister. I had to idea things were going to change so drastically. My cuzns one the paternal and maternal sides i still had a close relationship and nothing marred that.My maternal cousins the MAGLASANG'S were all neighbors back then. And i go back and forth and spend time with my paternal cousins the CODILLA'S as well.
It was different for each sides,with the Maglasang clan we just played all day long just Mitzi,Regi,Dominic,Brigitte and I. We would all meet up at where else?Grandmas! She had a huge backyard for a playground. Superhero were among many of the games we played and we had costumes to prove it. I was Supergirl, Mitzi was the Indian girl, Dominic was Spiderman and Brigitte and Regi bieng sisters were the Batgirls. Our games were simple, we pluck flowers from my grandma's many flower pors and stick the petals to our fingers with our saliva for glue like it was nail polish. Like normal kids we had fight and had alliances and who would surrender first. Those were the days. We would go to LAO (farm) and just climb the many fruits that was abundant around the farm. We had our fill of the fruits of nature and that was all that we would it.
My cuzn's nanny could make little things form the pomelo skins and accessories from the palm leaves of a coconut tree. There was no stopping us,we playes like there was no tomorrow. Everything we wanted we got. Toys we had plenty, toys that was from nature. KAmbantog (log cabin) was one of the few places we loved going,it was cold but we were warmed by each others laughter and presence. Picturisque view of the mountaintop,animals and ponds. My grandparents had a fishpond and we were asked to catch some frogs for my grandma to cut up and feed to the fishes. I had the best memories as a child.
The CODILLA clan was different experience altogether. Wrestling shows was just one of the many things we like to watch and our own wrestling hero's were our uncles. Playing hide and seek was a favorite of all except for one,and that was melanie. She was always the one who has to look for us. We bullied her so much as she was the tattle tale in the group and the cry baby. I feel bad for the way we treated her back then but we loved each other. Swimming in the pool from sunrise till sunset,getting burned from the sun and a stomach full of chips and fruits. Grandparents had a COCKFIGHTING ARENA were were would go and just brad to the other kids around about how we owned it,lol. Bat hunting was a big big thing .Like in the movies we thought that if we bring a bat into the sunlight it would catch on fire. How sillly we were back then. We were so close and had so much fun.
Then we grew up. Things happened that was beyond my control. I lost touch of my Codilla cousin's and Relatives. Bridge that was once sturdy from childhood had gone weak from time . I have have done my best for rebuild it.
I wish i could turn back time and be a child once more...



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