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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


It was 30 years ago that a beautiful young mother welcomed her second child to the world. She describes the infant like snowhite :
hair as black as night
lips red as a rose and
skin as white as snow
The infant joined a family consisting of a man,a woman and a sibling. This people are no stranger to her,they became her lifeline,her safety net and source of joy. Little did she know that it was about to change. The family she once thought was strong ,was slowling crumbling before her eyes. Closing her eyes to the truth was not an option, she had to open them and saw how he left. She could not undertand why from a family of 4 they had become 3. Crying and praying day and night she did a lot, even resorting to calling out his name in a big jug to come home. Every birthdays she waits and hopes to see a familiar face once again only to have her hopes dashed as every sun sets in the horizon. She question why, she tries to make it easier for herself. She was in denial. For years she would pray for him to come back and make them whole again, keeps hoping but hopes can only last for so long. Until one day she woke up with a smile in her face. Accepting the fact that a 3 was ok lifted her up and gave her a new prospective look on life.
Moving on was her next step,with that she learned, to embrace the present and let go of the past, memories started to fade. Connecting to a once broken bridge was done and again she was subjected to this past hurt she had tried to bury. One question was asked from her
do you miss him?
A simple answer was all she could say : "no"
"how do you miss someone you dont know?"
She saw Him again but in a different light, do you know what she saw ?
Her papa,how can she call him that? Since his absence time has changed what was in her heart,he lost and became a father. The papa she once knew no longer exist. Thankful for his part in creating her she is grateful for that. All praise and love flows abundant to the waterfalls of a mother's love. I will forever love you my mother.
As for The MAN , he is my FATHER. I know him but yet he is a stranger. And that is why he is :



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