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Thursday, April 9, 2009


It was beautiful outside earlier, comfortable enough for me to have a walk with my husband and youngest girl. We decided to leave the house early to wait for Kayla at the bus stop. While Ralph and Kaitlyn waited on the bus stop I took the opportunity to do some walking and get a little bit of exercise going. I have totally let myself go and I loathe doing exercise. Besides doing routine exercise can be so monotonous and boring that you loose interest. Walking or be it running is one of the best and safest form of exercise for me. It helps with my cardio, tones my muscles and help burn calories without really even trying. Besides looking at this photo made me realize how big my derriere is and how out of shape I look. Today with the help of BeeWell Miles I have started my walk for a purpose, to help raise awareness to breast cancer. For every mile you walk or run they will donate $0.15 to Breast Cancer Network of Strength to support those who are in need. If I could run or walk 2 miles for 5 days a week until October I will roughly make around $36 to help support the cause. Knowing this is for a good cause I will also rope in my MIL so she could also get on with her exercise to build strength to her knees. I know it may not be much to some but every little thing goes a long way. Partnered with good eating habit I will be doing myself a ton of good and finally get on the road to being healthy.


shydub said...

Pila ka miles imu nalakaw ana lods, mura daghn pka energy to walk a long mile sa imu pic.

have an award for you grab it mommy lods


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