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Tuesday, April 7, 2009


One of my interest is listening to music, watching music videos and downloading them when its free. My mother also listens to music a lot since it helps to relax her and helps her think. Like my mom I guess a lot of people would like to download and listen to music from different artists from rising star to the popular ones. Have you heard about Kerchoonz, Its a new social network where you can listen to music and download them for free. Its a new site with lots of different things to offer not like the others out there. They are the only site that helps and pays artist every time we listen and download there music. And that's not all, you also get money on the site when you refer other artist to sign up to Kerchoonz. Its a newly developed website that is targeted to all the music lovers out there. A place where you can build your own play list and even embed any music video to your own site. Make and meet new friends that have the same interest with you and of course you can also share your other social network site by showing them off there. Another thing is the Kwidgets its like your mini profile where you can download a music, listen to music and even show off your blog. What are you waiting for, its free to join. Sign up now and help support your favorite artists.




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