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Sunday, June 21, 2009


Dad, Happy Fathers Day! You are at work but I want to let you know that we love you so much and we thank you for all the love, support, patience and understanding you have given to us. I did not grow up with a dad so I am so blessed to have found a man who loves his children more than life itself. I picked the graphic above since you are once special man. You are close to being the perfect dad that any kid would want. Why not perfect? Your flaws as a dad if there is any is what makes you special and unique. To my maternal grandfather, thank you so much lo for loving me and my sister and for being there for us when we needed you. To all my uncles thank you for the bottom of my heat. And to my step dad John, no words can express how thankful and happy I am to have met a man like you. Thank you for being a father, brother and friend to me and my sister.


Unknown said...

Karon pko bilin comment dri inday hehehe better late than never lol. Ka dako sa motorcycle ni papa bruiser oi, fronset jd and gamhanan nga kaitlyn. Happy fathers day imu honey bunch lods.

riablahgs said...

HI Melody,

This is nice. Have a nice Friday!


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