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Saturday, June 27, 2009


I wont be doing my daily rounds and drops today. We got home from New Jersey a couple of hours ago and something happened when we got home. It involves Kaitlyn but she is fine so far. I am just taking this few minutes to let my droppers know that I wont be returning their drops today. I have to watch Kaitlyn while she sleeps and observe her breathing. I will write a post about what happened tomorrow. But she is fine and sleeping now.


Cacai M. said...

It's okey sis.. I will be here for you always! and i hope you're daughter will be well.. I will pray for her! muahhh!

WT said...

I have been lazy dropping off too due to my busy schedule. Hope your daughter will feel better:D

Stacie said...

No worries your family comes first. I sure hope everything is going to be ok with your daughter.

Joe-ann said...

hope she'll be totally fine. take your time in taking care of your little angel.Godbless!

Mom said...

I am hoping your little one is doing okay.

Give us an update soon, please.

Unknown said...

I hope shes okay. ♥ {{hugs}}

Irene said...

Hope all is well. Update when you can,

MyKitty said...

Hope that all will be well for you!

I'll pray for her and may God's grace be with you and your family!



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