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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


The matriarch of the Schifano Family, Caroline flanked by her three sons. From (L-R) Ralph my husband who is the youngest among the brother. His brothers fondly teases him about being the runt in the family. He is one of the hardest working man I have ever met. Larry is the second child. He was the brother that got a lot if injuries as a young boy. He may look scary but once you get to know him he actual has a good heart and will help any way he can. The last but not the least is Angelo the oldest of the brothers. He has the biggest heart and would just about do anything for anyone, the officially chef in the family. Lets not forget the matriarch my MIL, she is a great woman with a lot of courage, patience and love to give around. The three brothers are so different but all with good hearts. I caught the best guy and that is my husband, my honey...


Unknown said...

Dagko d i na sila igsoona lods no, 3 ra sila ka igsoon, walay babaye? maayo sd ky naa sila days for get together.


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