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Sunday, August 9, 2009

MY 31 st

This has been long overdue, the picture from my 31 st birthday celebration last July 18, 2009. My actual birthday was July 15 but we decided to have a family party on a Saturday so that the Schifano family could come. Two of my Filipina friends could not come but I was not disappointed at all since the Schifano clan came in full force. It turned out to be like a family reunion and it made my MIL so happy. I was grateful for my kids, husband and my new family here.


Unknown said...

Having the full force of your family lods, is great enough, why worry about those who didn't come as long as you your family are with you during your special day thats a wonderful birthday already. sus wala damha trentay uno na intawn. hapi birthday again


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