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Sunday, October 18, 2009


My appointment with the Chiropractor has been doing great! I totally feel much better and the pain in my lower back has improved a great deal and I sleep better now. Tomorrow I have another appointment again, my fourth session . Last Wednesday I was informed that our insurance will pay for twelve session at 100% no co-pay at that..I have been going there 3 times a week but since this coming week is going to be hectic I asked if I could postpone my session but the doctor suggested that I just do one day this coming week so I opted for Monday which is tomorrow. The weather has been pretty cold, MIL usually drops me off and picks me up right after. Let me just tell you that it feels so good lying down on the hydro bed where warm warm water massage your back and it ends with what I call crack and snap,lol.. I still yelp a little loud, but I told them its a good yelp. And before I forget I encourage my readers to visit your chiropractor. It was a good thing I did, found out that my spine is tilted a little bit to my right and that caused the pain on my lower right side and as well as my legs. My chiropractor even suggested that I get an ortho shoes to correct my posture and hopefully get my spine back to normal. No wonder I have always thought that my right leg was bigger than my left. Now the mystery has been solved. Tell you more next time..



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