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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Have you guys watched Dancing with the Stars? I have and I was in so much shock when Natalie Coughlin was in the bottom two. When she was finally eliminated I was just floored. She had a lot of potential and I didn't think she would get eliminated this early on in the show. Natalie is an Olympic gold medalist in swimming and yes, she is very competitive and motivated. It must have come as a shock for her to have lost the race. Still she danced a good dance and should have deserved to compete further. This week I was so happy that Michael Irvin did a good job and in my opinion he does deserve to stay on. My top 3 picks are Mya, Mark and Donny. As for Aaron Carter he is a good dancer but he tries to hard that he ends up dancing more on the feminine side. This is just my opinion, to all Aaron fans don't hate! I'm just telling it as it is..... My favorite dancer so far is Demetri, he is just so fine and gorgeous. Sorry honey but he has the looks, the body, butt and the moves. Don't worry honey you will always be my snug bug, lol. Can't wait to see how the rest perform next week..


Unknown said...

I missed watching this week Dancing with the Stars lod, I thought that olympic medalist would stay longer, she can dance well and had a great body as well. Nalingaw ko nimu da, with the "butt and the body" heheheh
hala masahea na ni honey nimu aron dili makabasa lol, ako pa ng laki talinis na kaayo ang simud lol.


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