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Monday, January 25, 2010


At last my friend Biyaw has finally taken the hint that I want bulad, heheheh.. She keeps forgetting to send it. She called me yesterday laughing and told me they will be coming on Feb 27th. She will be making a list of what to bring and requested something in return. That I make her something to eat. I guess I will have to make my famous beef ginaling for her again as well as make her siopao. A few of my friends have already offered to send me Bulad but all I was waiting for was BIYAW.. You better make good on your promise girl or your siopao is going to be history,heheheh.

Hopefully if my vacation pushes through, I will set aside some money to buy bulad so I can bring it back. As to the suggestion of Lulu I have already asked my family to look into sending me some bulad.


Mama Ko said...

Aguy, finally someone heard your plea hehe. atot ning life diri walay buwad ug ginamos.


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