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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


In my previous life before I got married I use to enjoy reading paperback novels, its was mostly romantic books though.I stated reading novels when I was in 5th grade and I got hooked. I got so addicted to reading that I almost neglected my studies. I would bring a novel to school and read it while the teacher was giving lectures, I forgot to eat and I would not go to sleep until I finished reading it. That's how bad it was before but now that I'm a mom I slowed down. The last books I read was the Twilight Saga and went back to my old self,lol.

I'm not the only one addicted to books, my MIL has to have a book to read all the time. She has tons of books downstairs. Books that she only read once or twice and is still in very good condition. Since she has a lot of books that she already read we tried to bring it in at the farmers market to exchange her old books for new one. We only did that only once, since it was inconvenient and they only do business on certain days. She would love to sell her used books for extra cash. It's a good thing I just recently came across selling books online a site when you can sell your old books without having to drive down to certain place and lugging them around. I bet she would love this site since she has been looking for an easy and convenient way to sell her used books. I have already looked up the site online and it looks very easy, convenient and fast with instant price qoutes . All she has to do to check how much her used books would cost to sell is to enter the ISBN number ( International Standard Book Number ) that is usually found above the bar codes in books. And you get a Free Shipping with Pre-paid Postage Label plus fast payment via Paypal or Check. I can't wait to tell MIL when she gets home. Now she can get rid of the used books she has and have extra cash in return.


Chubskulit Rose said...

hala mel magkakasundo tayo dyan hahaha, mahiluig din kasi ako sa pocketbooks. In fact I have a lot in here, tanong mo kay bakla shy lol. Thanks for this post because my husband has a lot of textbook from his college pupwede ko tong ipagbili hahaha...


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