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Friday, January 8, 2010


A few more months and hopefully I will be seeing my family back home. I have wanted to go home for a vacation since last year but money was tight back then, still is now. Hubby has set aside money for our trip this coming June or July so I'm really crossing my finger and hope nothing will come up to change our plans. My friend in New York wants me to visit before I go for my vacation so she can send some stuff for her family. If we do visit her we will have to stay in a hotel since they live in a one room apartment. She did tell me that its easy to look for new york hotel deals online. If that plan is going to push through I will finally be able to gaze at the beauty of the Statue of Liberty and stand in Time Square. But for now I'd rather stay holed up in our cozy home and stay warm....


Lulu said...

i agree right now where it is too cold to go out... i rather blog and stay home! lol


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