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Thursday, August 19, 2010


Have you noticed that kids of the new generation are more into gadgets, computer, computer cames, hand held games and so much more? My oldest got her first Nintendo DS game at 5 years old and my youngest got her first DS game at 2 1/2 yrs old. Well, we didn't buy Kaitlyn but instead it was given to us by the dad of the kids I babysit. He had an old game lying around so he gave it to us knowing we were going to embark on a long flight hoping it would entertain her. But have I mentioned that on the day Ralph came to pick us up at the Airport Kayla accidentally broke her DS game. I was upset but when Ralph told me it wasn't her we couldn't do anything about it. I however told Ralph not to get her one right away, she has to earn it again. But the next day he went out and got it for her. I wish he had just waited a little bit since it was going to be her birthday soon and we could have gotten her an upgrade. We could have shopped online at Best Buy and picked out a new Nintendo DSi for her. My husband is an impulsive buyer, when he sees something he wants he will get it if he has the money. Even though he got her the Nintendo DS I am still going to do a little online browsing for a Netbook, this time it's going to be for my sister. I just have to save up a little bit before I could get it but I am very optimistic that by the end of this year I will have bought my sister her very own netbook.



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