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Sunday, August 22, 2010


Kaitlyn giving her grandpa (my step dad) a big kiss. The first time that Kaitlyn met John he was in his Goku state with hair standing up and whole body painted with henna. He was just in a show that required him to have henna tattoo. That scared Kaitlyn and she would not even go near him for a couple of days. But eventually she realized that her Lolo (grandpa) was not going to hurt her, warmed up to him slowly. John kept his video camera on hand all the time hoping to catch a photo of Kaitlyn snuggling up to him, playing with him. He has a whole bunch of pictures of her and video as well. The week before we left Kaitlyn got really close to him, she would wait for him to come home. She would greet him " Lolo your home and gives him a big warm hug and a kiss". In this photo she was playing with her make-up and tried it on her Lolo. He would gamely endure and let her kiss him and in the process left small kiss marks on his face..


vaneni said...

ang kyut ng kissmark! haha! :D have a nice day! :)


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