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Friday, September 3, 2010


Travel Neck Pouch that I ordered on My first ever purchase on the popular site and I am very much satisfied. The order took about less than 5 days and before I knew it, it was in our mailbox. I was happy that it got delivered early since I bought that for our Philippine trip. All the important documents, I.D's, passports and money was in that little thing. It came in handy, I didn't have to reach inside my bag to search around for our passports and money. The best thing about the travel neck pouch is that I bought it very very cheap. This thing won't see daylight in the next 3 years until our next Vacation, or maybe not. If we do push with our plan to go to Disney next year I will be using it once again.


Unknown said...

Mao ba lods how much mn ka million na nimu na palit. sus ug kabalo palang ko nga gamit na maypa ako to gitapigan tong handy pouch nga napalit sa muslim hahahhaa. Nice siya lods.

phillip said...

nice posts awesome blog!


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