The Designers Chic

Sunday, October 24, 2010


On my trip to the Philippines I got a chance to experience sleeping on the floor once again. We were suppose to stay in a Hotel but it didn't turn out the way we expected it.. The hotel was horrible, the room was barely decent and the surrounding was dirty and transportation was bad. My mom's house had one spare room but had no air conditioning. Her room was the only one that had air conditioning so we camped in her room. Luckily her bed was big and my MIL slept with my mom. I was worried for my MIL since she had RA and is not used to my mom's bed. But she survived and even like my her bed. With visitors coming and going in my moms room I was worried that her bed would give out on her. If It did, she would be happy with pine beds for a choice replacement. Thank God her bed is not only comfortable but also sturdy and strong. Now, for our guest room I wouldn't mind getting my hand on those beautiful and well crafted bed , maybe I can even try to persuade Ralph into replacing our bed, lol.



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