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Saturday, November 20, 2010


This was Kaitlyn at around 9 months old. I should have known back then that when it comes to food I better not mess around, lol.. At age 3 she eats like an adult and tries about everything except veggies. She is not found of veggies at all, takes after me. Kaitlyn is developmentally advance on some areas but also late on other. She got her chompers late at around 14 months. However, she was walking by 10 months. At 3 months old she had her first taste of solid food which was pot roast, by 6 months she was eating solid food like rice and other stuff. I wonder how she did it when she didn't have any teeth,lol. Needless to say I guess she just gummed it and swallowed just like the cheerios on this video.. I miss her being this small...

Watch how she grabs the cheerios even before I placed it on her tray, as if she was starved and never given food,lol


☆Mama Ko☆ said...

Malingaw man jud ko mag tan aw sa imung gamayng italiana lods uy ka cute sa. maayo ug ma juntis na aron ma pun an.


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