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Friday, November 12, 2010


Getting rid of our Truck and Jaguar was hard. I never thought I would be attach to a car, we rarely use the truck but I loved it. I started learning to drive on the Jaguar, I would take it out of the drive way and park it again and again. I also got to drive it a couple of times around our development with either my MIL or Ralph teaching me. We had to get rid of both cars so we can lower our car payments as well as the car insurance. My husband has been wanting to get a Mustang for a while now. I guess you could say he has a little thing for cars. He didn't think he was going to get the Mustang if he got a lower trade in for both cars but he was in luck. I didn't want to get another expensive and impractical car when he could just easily get a less expensive car that has a lower monthly payment. But how can I deny him, when he works so hard and he said he can still lower the car payments. Before he got the Mustang he was constantly online looking for the car insurance. He checked on to get a quick quote on the new car. He got the best insurance that covers his newest baby and he was so happy when he finally got his dream car.We'll see how his love for the Mustang last. I am betting 2 years max until his love affair with the Mustang dies down and he starts looking for other cars again.



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