The Designers Chic

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Finished with your Holiday shopping? Some have already been done shopping and wrapping presents already and some who have yet to buy it. Ralph and I are already finished buying the kids presents. It was fun and confusing shopping for them. So many toys to choose from. We didn't get the kids as much toys like we did last year. We got Kayla got her DSi XL that came with a Mario game with it. We got Kaitlyn the School is Cool computer game, by fisher price. Its something that she can really do and it will help her with her alphabets, letters, colors and shaped. We also got her a few dolls that shed real tears and we got Kayla more games for her DS and the Wii. This year I got my husband a massage pad that you can put on the bed. When he comes home from work he gets so tired and so wound up that he needs a good massage. I am still battling with myself if I should return it and get the more expensive one. MIL said I should just wait until he tries it and if he doesn't like it we can always return it. As for MIL, we got her a new printer. If money wasn't so tight we would have gotten her an e-book reader. Maybe we will get that for her on her 69th birthday. Now that we are done with the shopping, I am not looking forward to the wrapping.



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