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Saturday, February 5, 2011


Staying in touch with family no matter what part of the world they live is soothing to me. I was just chatting with my favorite cousin on my Iphone. I had to ask her if she was going home to Cebu to attend her sisters graduation. I can't believe that the little girl I used to baby sit and play with is graduating from high school and will soon be starting a new phase in her life. I actually have two young ladies to applaud, one is my cousin Margaret and the other one is Ralph's niece Kristen who are both graduating from high school this year. I want to do something special for both of them. Pear Tree Greetings has the perfect graduation cards that tells a story or show a picture of how they have changed over the years.
My favorite among the graduation cards I got from Pear Tree Greetings is the one in front. The great thing about their greeting cards is the way you can personalize the card and put pictures of them starting from an early school age until the present and where they finally graduate high school. Since I don't have access to any of my cousins pictures I know her sister does. Being able to do all of this online is a cinch, her older sister can do it with her. I know Margaret will love the idea and she can choose all the picture she wants on it. She can even put her favorite quote and anything special on her invitation. This is one of the ways that she can share the good news of her graduation and make it personal. I wish I would be there this coming March to witness her accepting her diploma and starting another stage in her young life.



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