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Thursday, February 10, 2011


America, land of the milk and honey, land of opportunity. For the past years people around the world have been struggling. Many have lost homes, cars, lands and jobs. With recession still being felt by every company, jobs are hard to come by. I know a lot of people that have lost jobs or have a hard time landing one. Its not just enough that you have experience in the job your applying for, companies now are looking for people with degrees. With technology and the world wide web on our side getting a degree is as easy as going online. My BIL Angelo wants to start a small business and he is looking at online business degrees that will one day help him with his business if it ever pushes through. I am rooting for him. I just hope that the economy will at least start to change for the better. Everybody is hurting and all we have to do is work with what we have and make the best. And it doesn't hurt to get an a degree like education,online business degrees, online IT degree, the important thing is that education will give an advantage. I believe that with good education and excellent work ethics one can easily find a good paying job.



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