The Designers Chic

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Its Spring already! Kayla comes home now with her hair all over the place, lol. With the weather warming up the kids can now go out and play at recess. We have been to Kayla's school last week to see her receive her Wilbur Winner Award. While there, we got a chance to talk to Kayla's teacher and ask about her progress. We also talk to him about our plans to enroll our youngest in Pre-K this year. Ralph is still looking into to it. Kayla's school right now is one of the newest schools built with brand new school playground equipment and up to date computer technology. We are lucky enough that we belong in the same district and this was clearly the right school for her. Kayla has improved so much. She started Kindergarten not reading at all but now, she is reading everything. It continues to amaze us how smart she is and how many milestones she has reached. Clearly we made the right choice and we are hopeful that when Kaitlyn does start school she will follow in her big sister's footstep.



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